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Online Jobs From Home Offering Honest Telecommuting Work

If you're looking for honest work, online jobs from home aren't just available - they're becoming much easier to find. Why? Because telecommuting has tremendous benefits for all involved, virtual jobs are becoming increasingly popular with employers as well as workers.

People who are lucky enough to telecommute, eliminate the rat race of the daily traffic grind, don't need to buy expensive suits or dresses, reduce their dry cleaning bills, avoid day care costs, can drink their coffee and eat their meals in their kitchen, instead of at some fast food restaurant, and lower their car expenses. They also contribute to the greening of America, and enjoy a great deal of flexibility.

If you're interested in online jobs from home, here are a few great telecommuting opportunities to consider:

West at Home: One of the country's largest providers of outsourcing call center solutions, and communications networking infrastructure, West has honest work available for virtual customer service agents. A private company, founded in 1986, West is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. West's virtual agents receive paid training, which is also completed through telecommuting. Offering competitive pay, you can expect an hourly wage of roughly $8 to $11.

Convergys: This relationship management services company provides virtual customer service solutions, and offers legitimate online jobs from home, for customer service agents. Launched in 1998, Convergys is a publicly held company traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Like West, Convergys furnishes paid training. Pay is competitive, and average hourly wages range from about $9.50 to about $11.

Tutor.com: Tutor.com is a virtual classroom that provides online tutoring for children in various subjects. The private company was started in 1998, and is headquartered in New York, NY. Tutors work with their logged-on students on an individual basis. This is an honest work opportunity that pays between $10 and $15 per hour.

Although you do need to hold a college degree, you don't need a teaching certificate to get hired by Tutor.com. Tutors in many subjects are needed, but the demand is especially high for people who excel in science or math. Tutor.com can be a terrific place to launch your new online career.

West, Convergys and Tutor.com are wonderful examples of strong, stable companies, offering honest work, that appreciate the service provided by agents and trainers with online jobs from home. If you have been toying with the idea of making a radical lifestyle change, and investigating the powerful telecommuting opportunities available to help you make that move, you have countless options to explore.

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What is Telecommuting? Working From Home

So what is Telecommuting?

Telecommuting (a.k.a. e-commuting, e-work, working from home, working at home and telework) can be defined, most simply as: An arrangement or agreement between an employer and a hired employee which allows for the employee to work directly and flexibly from the employee's own home. Advantages for the employee and the employer are often immeasurable. The title "telecommute" is used primarily in the United States and demonstrates its top convenience to the employee because the word captures the idea of replacing the workers drive or commute to the actual worksite of the employer. The work assigned is being handled by the employee with electronic means, landline(s) and fax.

Advantages for the employee

Although there are numerous advantages to the worker, the top 5 are listed to better visualize just how wonderful a job assignment like this would be.

1. The most obvious and already covered would be to visualize not having to make the drive into work each day. Which carries with it other advantages such as no expenditure on fuel for a vehicle as the employee is already at work. Second, would be time. Many employees in today's job market must travel greater distances to the job. This could result in a time savings to some of over an hour a day.

2. In many cases, the employee can enjoy working their own hours. In some, but not all, of these jobs the employer will require a set amount of hours dedicated to the assignments given each work day. Often leaving the worker to decide exactly when those hours will be. This type of flexibility is uncommon in the traditional workplace.

3. In many instances the flexibility can be even greater because working at home means wearing what you want, taking breaks when needed to provide for other family issues or circumstances. This freedom of stop and go work would be unheard of in the traditional scene. One couldn't leave four times to take care of laundry, babies feeding or taking the pet outside.

4. Monetary savings that will affect a households bottom line in a large number of ways. For instance, the savings alone on gas for the car could actually buy week's worth of groceries. The savings on clothing that would normally need purchased for dress codes would be substantial over a year. Savings in the form of eating out for lunches and breaks, as your own refrigerator or cabinets become your 'shop' for meals and snacks.

5. Although you are truly working for a company, who is paying you by the hour or even a salary and even a commission the worker can almost be described as their own boss. Gone is the micro managing, the constant workplace interruptions, putting up with others who the worker may dislike but have to work with daily. Extra work added to the day, due to others who have called in sick.

Visualizing the above, top 5 reasons, for almost anyone would be enough to sell them immediately on this concept. However, there are some disadvantages that need mentioning as well. Keep in mind that working in a traditional job at a specific locations means also a social network. Those needing contact with other humans during the course of the workday may find working from home, a bit lonely. If one were a socialite, enjoyed being a part of office or work gossip this might not be the right choice for your work atmosphere.

Advantages for the employer

1. All corporations rely heavily on bottom lines and profitability. A key metric of any bottom line is always "overhead" costs. By allowing an employee to work from home a company can see a large savings in many aspects of their overhead costs. For example, utilities which are a big chunk of the cost to run a business daily.

2. Telecommuters are overall happier people which in turn results in a higher productivity. Productivity almost always equates to improved profit margins.

3. Reduction in absenteeism and tardiness creates not only a happier traditional workplace but a better running system. Employees who work from home are less likely no miss the daily work due to an illness as they have more access to the important things needed when feeling ill. Restroom is only steps away, usually and obviously more accommodating. Medications needed during an illness often can't be used at the workplace due to the side effects. Less sick and ill workers means less people getting a cold or virus at the workplace from a sick co-worker. Less parents missing work, because their child is sick. Working at home allows for the parent to be a parent in all manners.

4. Less time wasted for mandatory breaks as outlined by company policy or laws. Less time workers spend visiting with co-workers about non-work related topics (water cooler circles). Longer hours are usually spent by the worker because there is more time allotted due to time saved as mentioned above. Generally speaking, most telecommuters are highly, self-motivated people who do not procrastinate and more detail oriented meaning higher productivity.

5. Safety: Fewer workers at the workplace may result in less OSHA recordable incidents which are generally very high on most corporate levels of assessment. Less chances of workers being injured, causing more missed work and the potential for a workman's comp claim which means a positive effect to that bottom line. Retention: Happy and satisfied employees do not need to go anywhere else to work. Reduction in retention rates means less spending on the normal things required to replace workers. The costs of training alone can jeopardize many head count budgets. Less workers because of head count restrictions means more work to the workers already employed.

To Recap

Happy employees mean greater profits for any company. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually trying to capture the medium levels needed to create such a work atmosphere. This arrangement takes almost every issue, that would be presented in a common workplace and removes it from the equation. Happy and satisfied employees work harder, are more detailed in their work and often are much more productive. All in all, Telecommute hands down is a winner for everyone and is being publicly recognized and utilized more and more every day.

The author is an avid fan and support this new age thinking and has spent the last year researching What Is Telecommuting [http://www.onestopreviewsandnews.com/view_article.php?aid=13/] with the goal of promoting it to a larger portion of the public and encouraging others to spend some time investigating if it might be right in their lives. Especially because this allows for the re-emergence of family based values combined with earning a living. It is vitally important that potential employees of telecommute understand where to find the right resources of legitimate and Better Business Bureau ranked job banks and hiring centers. Learn more about this recommended resource by visiting [http://www.onestopreviewsandnews.com/view_article.php?aid=13/]

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Where to Find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

Is it possible to find legitimate work at home jobs? Absolutely! Millions of people are now making a living or just making some extra money working from home. The question is, what kind of working from home opportunities are you looking for, and how much money are you looking to make?

With today's technology, it is often much more cost efficient for both employee and employer for the employee to work from home. There are many services online that offer lists of the best work from home jobs. And the nice thing is, you aren't restricted to your local area, so you can do work for someone anywhere around the globe.

Legitimate Work at Home Jobs:

Administrative assistant (also known as virtual assistants)
Advertising & Sales Representatives
Computer software engineer
Telecommuting jobs
Editing and Publishing
Copy writers
Event planning
Desktop publishing
Data entry (Note: there are many data entry scams so do your due diligence here)
Insurance underwriter
Graphics Design
Research assistant
Para legal
Customer service
Technical support
Consulting services
And more... ?

Affiliate Marketing Offers Unlimited "Working From Home" Opportunities

Is it only legitimate work at home jobs that you are interested in, (meaning you work for someone else in exchange for a paycheque), or are you interested in working for yourself?

Affiliate Marketing is where an individual, called an affiliate, promotes the products or services or an online merchant, in exchange for a commission from every sale the affiliate generates. There are literally millions of affiliate programs looking for affiliates, and the money to be made is HUGE! But you have to learn the industry!

Affiliate Marketing is not something you will learn overnight and I want you to understand that. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort it takes to learn the techniques, than I implore you not to spend any money on get rich quick schemes that abound online. Most of them are affiliate programs and yes you can make money... but what they don't tell you is that you have to know how to market it. Many of them say they'll teach you how, but it's not true. This industry has a huge learning curve. You have to learn how to:

Choose a market to promote your product to. You can't just put up a website and drive traffic and expect you'll get sales. You won't. You have to narrow it down to a specific audience (niche) and promote it to them. You have to learn HOW.
How to find good keywords so people will find you when they search
How to develop a blog or website (this is actually quite easy to learn )
How to create a marketing campaign to drive traffic to your website.
How to track your marketing efforts to learn what's working & what's not
And more

So in your search for legitimate work at home jobs, the first thing you must do is determine your goals. Do you want to work for someone else, or have your own home based business? What skills do you have and what are you willing to learn? Are you looking for a few extra bucks, or do you want a bucket full? Are you willing to spend a few dollars in order to get the tools and training you may require to set up a home office? There are tons of working from home opportunities online. Massive action gets massive results.

Karri Hull is a Work at Home Mom who is passionate about helping other moms learn how to work from home. She implores you not to spend money ebooks, seminars, videos & other training tools that are usually outdated, incomplete, wrong, offers little to no support, or simply designed to sell you something else.

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to learn Internet Marketing and how to make money online, when you plug into the right system.

Visit Karri's Blog today.

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Drafting Your Telecommuting Proposal the Right Way

Telecommuting may seem like a dream come true; however, though some may find it more difficult that commuting. So many want desperately to work from home, that they neglect to plan, formulate and negotiate a successful work option that will benefit the employer as well as themselves. So here are some tips and advice on making sure that your telecommuting move is the right one.

Be Honest With Yourself

Before drafting your proposal to your current employer, be honest with yourself. Ask yourself, can the work you do on-site be done from home? You have to make sure that your tasks and duties can easily translate to a work home arrangement. Naturally, if you are working in a career field such as retail or fast food, a transition such as this would not be possible.

You must also be honest with yourself about your performance. You should not expect your employer to look favorably on a telecommuting proposal if you are not in good standing. Telecommuting options are considered a privilege and one that would be rewarded for hard work and great attendance. If you are not at this level currently, then there is no better time to start then now. Show that you take pride in your work and that you value the company by constituting great ideas, strategies and opinions about the products or services your employer offers.

Do You Have What it Takes

Once you are honest with yourself, you must then evaluate your skills and abilities and discover if you have what it takes to work from home. It involves more than being able to do your job. You must be be disciplined, responsible and a great communicator. You must also be willing to adhere to any type of restrictions by the employer such as work scheduling, breaks and lunches, and periodically going in the office for shifts or meetings.

Be Knowledgeable about your Company

Some people work for companies that do business and maintain offices across the country, but they never ponder about the type of flex options offered to employees. Find out from your HR if this type of option is available first before presenting your proposal. You must also know detailed information about your company such as expansions, growth, consumer feedback, ideas on improvement as you will use this data to build your case on how working from home can possibly save the company money, build clients and improve team morale.

Put Your Offer in Writing

Be specific on what your arrangements would be. Do you want to come in only twice a week or only for meetings? Would you be willing to work at home on a trial basis contingent on performance and evaluation? You can even start with a plan to only telecommute a few hours out of the week, or on one week, off the next, until the employer feels comfortable with the arrangement and can trust that all work procedures can be handled independently.

You also want to indicate how you will effectively communicate with your boss and your team while you are away from the office, this being instant message, live chat, online meetings, phone and so on.

In your proposal, make note of why you are qualified to telecommute and what you hope to obtain from successfully working from home. Be sure to note, how you can advance the company as well as yourself to the next level of whatever goals they are focused on. Highlight any added services the company may have been hinting on but never really quite sure how to go about it; such as maintaining and online presence or visiting local clients or even marketing. Use this opportunity include ideas on campaigns or events that can bring more business to the company or researching a way to improve on a service by surfing for new software that can make it easier for employees to do their job.

Your proposal must be well-thought, professional and wanted. Present the idea first by talking to your employer and requesting that they at the minimum review your document before making a decision. Research books and articles for samples. Workoptions.com is a great resource for helping those seeking telecommuting options from their current employer.

Tina Lynn is a work home mom who loves helping people find legit work home employment and have been doing it for years. Log on to her work home career site to get FREE access to over 1000 work from home jobs.

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Tips For Negotiating With Your Boss For Telecommuting

Selling the idea of telecommuting to your boss and negotiating the terms of telecommuting demands the employee to remain well-abreast of the elements controlling it. In companies that support telecommuting, making the request and case for telecommuting is less stressful as compared to other companies. The punch lies in the capacity of the employee to convince his employer on his achievements and how he will fare better through telecommuting. Check out the best tips for negotiating with your boss for telecommuting.

Prove you are indispensable

Always remember the basic fact that the employer agrees to telecommute provided you possess an immaculate professional record proving yourself to be indispensable to the organization. With your presence remaining highly crucial for the company, the employer will agree to the terms stipulated by you without the display of much of an opposition.

Create perfect setting for work

As an initial measure, convince yourself that your job can be performed from home. Jobs requiring maintenance of high level security, placement of higher management controls or for which management issues may erupt may not be considered by the management for telecommuting.

Prepare a presentation of who you are

If the above conditions are satisfactory, prepare a presentation to the company highlighting your key features, the advantages the company will get to enjoy like savings in productivity and other infrastructure savings through promoting telecommuting. The bosses have to be convinced that you will take up your tasks efficiently and will prove to be more productive if provided with the opportunity to telecommute.

Request for trial run

Suggest a trial period of telecommuting to prove your efficiency. The employer has to be informed in detail the office set up that guarantees your presence right through the day by the supervisor in the event he needs to contact.

Plan perfect timing for placing request

Like the presentation, the timing of the submission of presentation is equally crucial Placing the proposition of telecommuting when the business have realized the need to pull down the costs may turn out to be profitable.

Always tread carefully while placing your request for telecommuting providing the time for the supervisor to get himself adjusted to the idea, bringing into limelight the factors like increased productivity, and lower absenteeism and turnover rates as the key determinants.

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Work at Home Nursing Jobs Change Lives!

If you have the right credentials, finding work at home nursing jobs is relatively easy. In fact, moms who have nursing certificates will discover that there are plenty of home nursing jobs to choose from.

Are you a mom? If so, the need for flexibility in your career is evident. You already have a full-time job - taking care of your children. It only makes sense to take advantage of the benefits online careers can bring.

Luckily for you, as a hard-working mom, the healthcare industry understands that work at home nursing jobs help the bottom line, and reduce employee turnover rates by keeping good workers happier.

You haven't quite secured your nursing credentials yet? If not, you still have an abundance of choices for telecommuting jobs. Just a few of the possible online careers in nursing include: being a case manager, training, and performing nurse triage - assessing a patient's medical situation and then directing the patient regarding healthcare.

Let's take a look at some great work at home nursing jobs. Whether you're a mom or not, here are a few opportunities to consider:

Humana: A Fortune 100 company, Humana's headquarters are in Louisville, Kentucky. This major healthcare company sells and administers Medicare plans, individual health insurance and group insurance through employers. The company has more than 11 million customers. Its telecommuting jobs including nursing, medical coders, chart auditors, physicians and licensed insurance agents. Pay varies with the position, and is based on your qualifications.

Covance: Based in Princeton, New Jersey, Covance is a biopharmaceutical development services company, that provides drug development services, including animal testing. Although it offers home-based clinical research positions, Covance workers are expected to travel about 65% of the time.

Health Net: Located in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles, California, Health Net is a managed healthcare insurance provider. In addition to government contracts, it offers PPO, POS and HMO healthcare coverage plans. Online careers at Health Net include case manager jobs, nursing and healthcare coordinator positions.

Conifer Health Solutions: Frisco, Texas is the headquarters of Conifer Health Solutions, a company which provides operational management solutions to hospitals seeking to boost their financial performance. It offers medical coding positions in addition to work at home nursing jobs.

Online careers in nursing are really hot. If you're interested in utilizing your nursing skills in a virtual environment, and changing your lifestyle while doing it, telecommuting is the way to go!

Lee Evans provides information and ideas about Jobs, Employment and Working at Home at http://Free-Job-Search-Websites.com. For more tips on working at home, stop by the site today.

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Is Telecommuting Right For You?

Telecommuting is defined as working from the comforts of your own home, for an employer who is situated many miles away. Everything can be done via your computer, and communication is facilitated via phone calls, emails, fax messages and other means made possible by modern technology.

Much like any other job, you have to seek out vacancies, and often, you would have to apply for the position. You may be subjected to some requirements before you could be admitted.

There are many kinds of telecommuting opportunities. Here are some of them:

1. Working as a digital secretary. You will be tasked to do what a normal secretary would do. The difference is that you won't have to report to a work place, and yes, you won't have to prepare coffee for your boss. Everything that would require your care and attention, and every work that is covered by your job description, can be sent via email or fax machine. You just have to convey to your employer what is needed to be conveyed, and submit what are needed to be submitted, through digital methods.

2. Medical transcription. This is an emerging field in telecommuting. You would have to transcribe some audio files that would be sent by your employer. These audio files are recorded by doctors and other medical professionals, and they need them in hard copy, i.e. written form. The job pays around $0.04 to $0.15 per line, which isn't bad considering that all you'll have to do is to write down what you will get to hear. One audio file can be as long as 15 pages, which is equivalent to an hour or an hour and half work. Being a medical transcriptionist requires familiarity with medical terms, however. There are some medical transcription courses available, both online and offline. Some of them last for 30 hours. Others for 6 months.

3. Legal transcription. Much like medical transcription, only, you would have to transcribe audio files sent in my practicing attorneys. You'd need some basic knowledge of legal terms for this one. And there are likewise legal transcription courses available online and offline.

4. Help desk representative. You will be briefed about the employer's products or services, and you will be tasked to accept calls at home and answer the customers' needs on behalf of your employer. Some would require you to answer via your phone line. Others employ VoIP over the internet.

5. Collection agent. You would have to make calls for and on behalf of the employer to attempt to collect debts that have become due and demandable.

There are other opportunities that are available under telecommuting. The common denominator among them is that you will be paid by the hour, compared to freelancing where you will be paid for every delivery and where the fee is pegged per project.

When looking for open positions, it is best to consult with appropriate website in the World Wide Web. The best of these websites is http://www.craigslist.com, an online classified section filled with thousands and thousands of job opportunities. What differs this from other similar websites like http://www.hotjobs.com and http://www.jobstreet.com is that every ad has a designation about whether or not it is a telecommuting position. This would make your search narrower and more precise.

Personally, however, I feel that there is only so much you could earn via telecommuting. Remember that your earning potential is determined by how much you work, hence, your earnings are pretty much set per day. Rare are the times when you could earn more than what you have signed up for.

Mark Flavin is an online marketing expert. Mark specialises in website traffic generation, affiliate program promotion & email marketing. You can find out his secrets for free at http://www.markflavin.com

Mark recommends The Business Professional for increasing your profits online - http://www.markflavin.com/business.html

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Telecommuting - How Corporate America Can Be Cost Effective


The work from home option often called telecommuting is not an easy sell to employers who have used a work model that has consisted of employees commuting daily during the work week. The fears that employees won't do the assigned tasks and not continue communicating with co-workers is a concern. The work goals should be defined as specifically as possible whether you work from home part-time or full time at the office each day. There is no other way to measure effectiveness, however telecommuting has been implemented at companies across the country with success. The technology available is cost effective and promotes workplace collaborative communication. Telecommuting offers a lot of advantages to both employees and employers.

The significant advantages of allowing employees to work from home include decreased costs to employers and employees, increased employee focus and less traffic on the roads. The technology is already in place at homes with high speed internet lines and laptops with docking stations. In addition the corporate infrastructure already has the proven Firewall and VPN technology to allow secure networking with RSA token sign on authentication. There is FREE web conference software available with white board, VoIP and web camera features allowing meetings from anywhere. The web conferencing is an always on service promoting collaboration along departments. You could setup daily or weekly meetings and send out invites as easy as emailing.

I would caution against allowing full-time telecommuting across the board. Some jobs such as technical writers and programmers telcommute now however weekly meetings and an office visit should still be mandatory. Consider the job functions and determine what would works best considering the company business model and goals. In any case at least a couple days of work from home should work for most employees. The corporate work space could be assigned/shared accordingly. Give the employees a trial run and fine tune any problems with implementation.

Telecommute Advantages:

Office Space Costs

Significantly less office work space would be needed per employee and the associated monthly maintenance, parking and utility costs would decrease with a work space sharing model.

Salary Costs

Offer work from home as an option to new candidates. The attractiveness of telecommuting could allow slightly lower salaries due to the cost savings realized by employees.

Decreased Travel Costs

Decrease travel expenses for distant employees with the use of free web conference software that is web camera and VoIP ready with white board features. The time and money employees would save not commuting everyday would be astounding. Less traffic on the roads in your communities always helps in many ways.

Company Existing Infrastructure

VPN/ASA and Firewall technology has already been implemented and well tested at companies across the country. The secure encrypted VPN clients are easy to deploy on any laptop and have been implemented for many years. Most employees already have high speed internet in their homes.

Employee Morale

Employees could work from home off hours getting the job done and spending more time with family. In addition there are real savings in car maintenance and the cost of gasoline everyday. There is often increased employee focus with fewer distractions and more accomplished during the day and evening. In some cases marginal sick days could be spent doing some work at home instead of bringing it to work.

Some Consideration:

- There must be a designated work at home place with no distractions.

- High speed reliable internet is important.

- People should meet at least twice a week at the office.

Shaun Hummel is the author of Network Planning and Design Guide and http://www.CiscoDesignBooks.com featuring Networking Books, eBooks, Certifications, Articles and Design Tools.

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Fourteen Tips For Telecommuting

Overall, working from home can be a positive and rewarding experience for you, your family, and your employer, if you follow a few simple tips:

1. Understand your employer's expectations. Will your job requirements and duties be the same at home as in an office environment? How much support will you receive as a home office worker. Some companies have very stringent guidelines about what equipment and support will be provided by the company and what they will not. Companies will often provide a computer and telephone and will support each, but not a printer or a fax machine, for example. It is important to clarify where your company stands and what they are willing to negotiate on.

2. Be sure that you meet (and/or exceed your employer's expectations) and make sure you boss knows that you are consistently doing so. You may work 9, 10, 12 hours a day, but it won't matter if your boss doesn't know it or you don't get the anticipated results! How will you communicate your efforts and results to your employer? Don't rely on them to evaluate this. Your performance, or lack thereof, may not come up until there is a need for a scapegoat or something goes wrong...

3. Set up a comfortable, separate space for your work area. This is critical to your success as a home-worker. Your space should be relatively free from distractions such as family, pets, home telephone, the television, even an attractive view if you are new to telecommuting. You should have a good quality chair and large monitor if you are primarily working at the computer (who isn't!).

4. Make sure that you have everything you need to do your job at home. A computer, workstation, phone, printer and fax are a given. BUT, you will also need paper, ink cartridges ( you would be surprised how quickly these seem to need to be replaced, even in a "paperless" environment), possibly letterhead, pens, sticky pads, etc. Think about many of the things you use in your office and the well stocked supply cabinet there. Will you visit the office periodically to replenish these common items or purchase them and be reimbursed. Iron this out in advance.

5. Set boundaries with your family and friends. This is pivotal not only to your success at working from home, but to your personal relationships! When you first begin telecommuting friends and family may not understand the demands that this requires of you. A friend whose sitter cancels may call you for a favor, "Can you watch the kids, since you are working at home?" You may get invitations to lunch or drinks, which down the road you may evaluate that you can work into your schedule periodically. In the beginning, you need to be careful to set a tone for your family and friends as well as good work habits for yourself.

6. Set specific work times or goals: Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and beyond. Goals are important to keep you on track as well as to validate your progress. Working at home can be very positive in terms of autonomy and independence, but it can be lonely and unfulfilling without the regular feedback that comes from working in an office. The telecommuter needs to feel confident that he or she is doing what is necessary to be viewed as successful and to feel secure in his or her job. Paranoia can set in pretty quickly without the regular input of fellow coworkers.

7. Stay connected. It may be a good idea to start out telecommuting just a day or two a week and increase gradually from there. This will provide you the opportunity to slowly transition how you will communicate in a more natural way. You will find that you and your coworkers may email or call more often to stay in touch. You will determine which issues and/or coworkers to attend to and which to not. Increased productivity due to decreased coworker distraction may be a major benefit to working from home.

8. Schedule daily and weekly breaks. Many home workers find that they spend too much time at the computer which can decrease overall productivity. Schedule breaks into your day. Take a regular lunch (at any time you want - no one is watching!) and stand up and walk around periodically. You might find it helpful to set an alarm in Outlook or other calendar to remind you to move away from the computer. Telecommuters may not realize that they are squinting at the screen, are hungry, or, even, have to use the restroom when they get too engrossed in their work.

9. Understand your work style. It is crucial for you to understand how you work best. Do you work best according to your moods? If so, keep track of your tasks according to task type: computer work, telephone work, meetings, etc. This way you can perform these tasks when you are at your best.

10. Track your work and progress. Your employer may have a specific way for you to track your time. It may be as simple as emailing your supervisor when you start and stop your work. It may be a more elaborate time tracking system where you record your specific activities in time increments or journal style. It may be a good idea to keep track of what you are doing in more detail. It may come in handy if you are asked to justify your time or when you would like to ask for a raise.

11. Assess your progress weekly. It is important to organize your work in such a way as you are able to quickly and clearly see what you have accomplished. Often, this is accomplished through effective use of a calendar system like Outlook In some industries, the billable hour or journal system (even a combination) are standard. However you approach it, you need to be able to clearly determine you are on target to reach your goals.

12. Make adjustments to how you accomplish your job. If something is not working, don't be afraid to change it. As a telecommuter, you may be a pioneer at your office, company or industry. No one may have all the answers. Invest time researching ways to improve your productivity. Don't be afraid to ask, "Is there a quicker, better, more effective way out there?" Seek it out, albeit carefully. Don't jump on the first bandwagon that comes along. Try it out tentatively -not all solutions meet all users' needs.

13. Ask for help or input. Have regular meetings with your boss or coworkers. These meetings could be weekly, monthly or quarterly. The meetings may be more frequent to begin with. Talk to others from a similar field who also telecommute. Use social networking to stay in touch and obtain advice in answer to a question or before you ask it. Be selective about which groups or lists you sign up for or follow. You don't want social networking to become a distraction rather than a way to stay in touch and obtain input!

14. Take care of yourself. It is hard to do your best when you don't feel your best and especially hard when you don't have regular input from others! Get up at a regular time and get dressed. Have your breakfast and coffee before work if that is your habit. If you usually brown bag it, pack a lunch to eat when you are ready. Meet coworkers or friends for lunch periodically if you are in the habit of this. Set regular breaks and quitting time. Avoid the temptation to work when it should be family time and remember to exercise and go to bed at the appointed hour.

Personal Website/Blog:

Mary is a Careerealism Expert (http://www.careerealism.com/mary%20sevinsky/) and currently works for a national company and provides resume development and editing services. Mary is master's-prepared and has over 18 years of experience in vocational assessment, counseling and testimony, primarily assisting clients who are changing careers. Areas of expertise include: Resume Development, Labor Market Surveys, Transitional Return to Work programs, Job Placement Assessment and Assistance.

What's your favorite career related quote?
"Whether you think you can or think you can't - you're right..." (Henry Ford)

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You Can Make Money From Home With Legitimate Work - Telecommuting

Employers are steadily creating legitimate work from home jobs, mainly because they are seeing several advantages in letting their employees make money from home. By making online careers part of their business models, companies are reducing their employee turnover, saving money and winning positions on influential "Best of... " lists.

People who are able to make money from home enjoy several benefits. Just for example, you eliminate the stress of commuting every day. Just pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab a slice of toast, settle in at your desk, and you're ready to start making money. No traffic jams and no need to dress up.

Some companies that offer legitimate work from home jobs are willing to pay their employees' computer, Internet access and telephone expenses. But, most people have those anyway, so if an employer doesn't pay these costs, it's usually not a big deal. Making money by telecommuting with a legitimate job is an opportunity that simply can't be beat.

Teach for America is one example of the employers that have created many opportunities for people who are seeking online careers. A not for profit company, Teach for America's mission is to change the lives of low-income children by providing them with an excellent education. It looks for committed people who have a strong leadership background.

According to the 2012 CNN Money list of 100 Best Companies, Teach for America is number 4, on the list of the 85 Best Companies that allow their employees to telecommute at least 20% of the time. Eight out of every ten Teach for America employees is a regular telecommuter.

Teach for America's telecommuting positions are legitimate work from home jobs. Most involve remote administrative support. You can make money from home with one of these jobs: the pay depends on your location and experience, but averages about $28,000 per year.

As you can see, legitimate work from home jobs can be profitable for those seeking online careers. But is the income you can earn always the issue? Is quality of life actually the root of the endless desire you feel, to chuck your job, find something new and become a virtual agent? Probably so! The question really is what would you give, to be able to do your job, any job, from your dining room table?

The best solution to this ever taunting issue is to take the steps to investigate, and discover just how many amazingly new options have evolved over the last five years. You'd be amazed!

Lee Evans provides information and ideas about Jobs, Employment and Working at Home at http://Free-Job-Search-Websites.com. For more tips on working at home, stop by the site today.

We encourage your questions! Sign up for our Newsletter! http://Free-Job-Search-Websites.com/make-real-money-online.html Post your resume, or just stop by and say hello.

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Living From the Internet Through Telecommute Work

These days, more people are switching to earn a living from the internet through telecommute work. The main idea on this kind of move is to gain a much flexible time while earning online, enabling them to resign from their office job which can be are time-consuming

A seemingly best laid plan does not always work magic for a smooth transition from an office job to a telecommute kind of work. Sometimes, a slow transition may be the best option.

Building a steady profit from telecommute work is not always easy. Sometimes it may take some months before you gain any profit at all. For your best interest, make sure you have saved enough money to aid your through this transition.

Being frugal during this transition helps a lot. Adjusting your daily budget to support a much simpler way of life can actually help you get through this period of probable instability.

There are some people who find themselves unable to make ends meet where their finances are concerned during this transition period. They become overly confident that they will meet their targets on time only to find themselves out of cash.

It may take some time for you to meet your targets when it comes to establishing your online business. A soother transition can be possible with not having to resign from your office job sooner.

Steady profit may take some time to materialize in an online business. It would be best to stay in your office job while you wait for your online source of income to stabilize.

If your office job makes it impossible for you to attend to your online business, you can try a job that can give your schedule more flexibility. This will enable you to continue establishing your online business while having a steady source of income to aid your transition.

Your aim at establishing your online business is to gain a steady source of income to support your lifestyle. Transition may be hard as there will be a lot of adjustments as you carve your niche in telecommute types of work, but all hardships will make all effort worth it especially if you reach your goal.

Sometimes, you must look for a reputable brand if you plan to purchase intercom systems for home and Kubota tractors for sale.

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Telecommuting 2.0 - A Possible Solution to the Energy Crisis

Telecommuting 1.0 is defined as anyone working from home across the internet. When high speed internet was made available to people's homes, it was generally assumed that telecommuting would take over the world. In reality, only a very small percentage of the work force telecommutes on a full time basis.

So, why hasn't telecommuting reached a high saturation level? There are several important problems with telecommuting for the masses. Many people do not have the discipline to work from home. They do not have a professional segregated workspace that is free from distractions. They do not have reliable network access. They also do not have the confidence of management that they will put in a full day's work with all of the distractions available in the home (TV, video games, family members, etc). All of these problems combine to keep telecommuting from being anything more than a niche option for the work place in general. Telecommuting needs an upgrade in order to be fully utilized by the average worker.

What is Telecommuting 2.0?

For workers to be effective they need a real office. They need to be free from distractions. They need a place to go to and a place to come home from so that work and home life can be separated (too much spillover in either direction can be detrimental). Telecommuters also need professional grade internet access from an ISP that has SLAs and treats its customers like business customers, not home internet surfers. They need personal firewalls. They need a real desk (not part of a desk, coffee table, or couch). They need a professional grade phone system. They need a real mailing address. They need all of the things that a traditional office provides.

In this current environment where the cost of a gallon of gasoline is over four dollars and roadways are hopelessly congested to the point of standstill, what they do not need is to spend an hour on the road going to and coming from work.

The solution is Telecommuting 2.0. In Telecommuting 2.0, workers drive a few blocks down the street to a conveniently located Remote Office Center. The Remote Office Center leases office space to individuals from different companies in a Remote Office "Center". Centers are not owned by the employer. They are owned and managed by commercial real estate companies throughout cities and suburbs. They are located near where people live, so the commute can be as short as a mile or two. Chances are most people live within a mile or two of some industrial complex, strip mall with vacant space that be converted, or an existing office building which is conveniently near by (and probably not fully leased out. All of these locations are candidates for leasing under the Remote Office Center model.

Remote Office Centers are the key to Telecommuting 2.0. They provide professional facilities and a convenient location.

A Remote Office Center would provide:

Professional grade internet access (as well as personal firewalls and assistance with network issues.)

Professional phone system with voice mail, long distance, and other professional features which are available with VOIP.

Professional work area, (i.e. desk, chair, lighting, seclusion and proximity to other workers for much needed social contact.

Scan card based security system (which would log arrival and departure for verification of attendance and work hours). Security logs could be provided to management for work hour verification.

Flexible leasing agreements. Companies would not want to be stuck with a long term lease in case of employee turnover.

Remote Office Centers would also allow companies to expand and contract, or change staff without the constraints of existing infrastructure and office leasing limitations. Companies would also have a larger work pool to hire from since many people are not willing to move or make long commutes even if they are a perfect fit for one company or another.

Remote Office Centers would also be able to generate additional revenues by offering additional services such as tech-support, optional equipment, high speed printers, and video conferencing for additional costs.

There is currently a bill being proposed in congress that would require 20% of eligible federal employees to work from either home or a convenient location. A recent survey showed that 30% of office workers would be willing to accept slightly lower pay if they would be allowed to telecommute. The next presidential election may well be decided in part based on which candidate is able to find a solution to the current energy crisis.

If the congress truly wants to solve the fuel crisis, it needs to get people to drive less, but they still need to be able to do their jobs (so they can continue to pay taxes.) Rather than spending hundreds of millions on subsidies for alternative fuels, the government should strongly consider offering tax credits to companies that allow workers to telecommute from either home or from a location near where they live. Every car that is off the road means less fuel is consumed, fewer dollars transferred over seas to foreign oil companies, and more efficient travel (less traffic) for those who really need to drive to work in order to perform work that can not be done remotely.

Unlike hydrogen fuel cells, the technology and infrastructure already exists. The only thing that needs to change is the way that office space is leased, marketed and used by corporate America. Telecommuting 2.0 is not new technology. It is just a new way to work.

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Are You Cut Out For a Telecommuting Position?

The idea of being able to work from your own home office holds a lot of appeal. It enables you to spend more time with your family and less time with the hassles of getting to and from work. It also helps cut down on some of your living costs by saving on gas money and work clothes.

But, not everyone is really cut out to be a telecommuter. Some people see working from home as an easy way to make money. That's a myth and those who believe that will probably find themselves without the job they had worked hard to get. So, here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you qualify to be a successful telecommuter.

Do you have a home office set-up?

Since most jobs will require you to work on a computer or at least send and receive emails; you should have a computer with a high-speed internet connection in your home office. If you're thinking about applying for a position where you might need to use a phone, then you should also look into a business line.

Someone looking to hire you to work for them will expect you to have at least some of the equipment needed on hand. This would include computer software. Not too many companies will be providing it to you. Research the type of job you're looking to get into and see what kinds of things you will probably need to have in your office. Those who have what they need upfront have a higher chance of landing the job.

Are you able to work in a quiet area?

This is one of the biggest requirements most employers have. It can easily make or break your chance at the jobs you want to apply for. For positions like customer service, where you'll be helping them over the phone, a quiet environment is a must.

You would be representing the company you're working for. If a customer loses trust in you because of the screaming children in the background, then they lose trust in the company. If you're not prepared to be a good representative for the business you're working for, then telecommuting is not right for you or look into a position where the phone won't be needed.

Do you have a flexible enough schedule to work?

Each company will have their own schedules of what hours they need you to work. Some may leave that up to you, but a lot have specific time frames or a specific amount of hours they need you to perform the job.

It could be a straight 8-4 job, or they may want you to work a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours later on in the day. While you don't have to be available the whole day to work, at least have a good enough time frame set aside to where you could be available when they need you.

These are some of the things that are necessary to be a successful telecommuter. As long as you have the right attitude and the drive to perform your job the best way you can, your chances of making a success in the telecommuting industry increases.

Nell Taliercio has been working at home full time since 2004. She's worked as a telecommuter, virtual assistant and affiliate marketer. In 5 years she's discovered many secrets to finding legitimate work at home jobs and securing them. You can find work at home job information and tips at: http://www.justonlinejobs.com

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Telecommuting Accounting

New Trends on Accounting and Bookkeeping Jobs

A long time ago, the Accounting and bookkeeping job required lot of time and personnel. In addition, due to lack of technology file cabinets was the only furniture you can see in the Accountant's office, besides the chair and desk. The financial reporting was available a few months after the closing.

Today, accounting has change enormously. New technology limit the amount of space required to file the financial information, and also financial reporting can be easily prepared and deliver on a timely basis. We can be working from anywhere like if we were present in the office.

The economy on these days is demanding to contract Accountants and Bookkeepers as contractors, (outsourcing) using Telecommuting methods. Furthermore, actual employees are sent to work from their own home-based office.

The Accounting is one of the easiest business process for a company to outsource. Many business owners already outsource their Accounting and Bookkeeping work and now the efficiency of the Internet makes outsourcing your job a more cost-effective business strategy.

New courses are being created in order to give training to Accountants and Bookkeeping professionals. Most of the professionals understand about the need of being updated and the continuing education, and these courses were created for this reason.

You can find information about this course in any search engine using terms such as; Telecommuting Accounting Courses, Virtual Accounting Coach, Telecommuting Accounting, New Accounting Courses, etc.

Outsourcing Accounting companies are being created, that contracts professionals to work as telecommutes. Moreover, you can find some sites that makes you easier to find companies that hire online Accountants and Bookkeepers.


Companies are outsourcing accounting services to avail the following benefits:

o Collection, summarization, and accurate analysis of financial data

o Correct interpretation of the company's financial position

o Analyzing the potential risks in advance

o Optimization of business resources and processes

o Informed and better managerial decision making.

o Cost effectiveness

o Time saving


If you are a Professional Accountant or Bookkeeper, you should consider to take one of this new course that is being offered and get updated on the new trends of Telecommuting Accounting.

The author of this article is Zaida Carrion, author of http://www.VirtualCoach-Inc.com

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Are Make Money At Home Online Jobs Hard To Find

Are you having trouble figuring out where to start looking for a make money at home online job? Join the club! Although there are many different types of online jobs that you can do, there are also potential problems y can run into when you are searching for them.

There are scams online just like there is everywhere else in the world. So you need to choose carefully.

Here are some ways that you can use to find a make money at home online job.

The best place to start is to go to any of the online classified ad sites such as Craigslist. You will find many online jobs that you can do here. You want to find one that you already have the skills for.

You can try something new but if you do not have skills for that particular job then you will have a very hard time getting hired for that job. You are going to have to be able to provide skills to get paid to work at home for someone.

Another thing you can do to search for make money at home online jobs is go to your favorite search engine and type in that phrase and other phrases like it. This will bring up a lot of results that you will have to search through.

You want to make sure you look at as many of the jobs that you find as you can. If you just look, it may take some time, but you can definitely find online jobs.

A third way is to go to Tjobs.com and get a membership. If you want to access work at home jobs it will cost you $15 a year, but it is worth. They offer a broad range of telecommuting jobs that match employees and employers.

Some of these are on a commission basis and others pay hourly and even offer benefits. They offer a very active database including jobs for website design, freelance, customer service, sales, and many more.

These are the easiest ways to find a make money at home online job. There are other ways you can use if you don't like these three ideas.

You just need to make sure that you choose a job that you have skills for and that you would enjoy doing. This will make it much easier for you to make money with the online jobs that you do.

Tracey Merrells-Fort is the owner of her own money making website. She helps ordinary people start and run their own home business on the internet [http://www.moneymarketingsuccess.com]. If you really want to make money get the latest home business information at her website and blog here: ===> [http://www.moneymarketingsuccess.com]

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7 Tips to Landing a Work at Home Job

You've found the perfect work at home job! Now, all that stands between you and your dream of working at home is to stand out from the competition and ace the interview.

Here are 7 tips to help you shine and increase your chances of snagging that work at home job.

1. Be professional.

In all of your correspondence with an employer be the model of professionalism. Every day I get emails from people who think that I hire people and it never fails to appall me how unprofessional they can be. I see everything from "I want this job. Pls send me information" to "workin from home".

I'm not kidding.

Every time you communicate with a potential employer it is an opportunity to WOW them, or to convince them that you are not at all qualified for the job. Use proper grammar, complete sentences and use a spell checker! Even an informal email should be formatted like a letter with a greeting and a respectful closing.

2. Follow the application instructions to the letter.

If the job listing instructs you to send your resume in the body of an email message then do it. Don't send it as an attachment. If it tells you not to send a resume, don't send one. Some employers will ask you to use a specific subject in your email to them. This is often to see if you read the job description thoroughly and can follow directions. If you can't follow directions in the application process then they will think (actually, they will know) that you cannot follow directions in general.

3. Tailor your cover letter.

You should always create a cover letter that is specific to the job you are applying for. Personalize your greeting with the hiring person's name if possible. Stay away from phrases like "Dear Sir". If you are unable to determine the hiring party's name then use something like, "Dear Hiring Manager".

A great cover letter will be short and to the point. It should relate directly to the skills that they are looking for. For example, you might say, "You had mentioned that you were looking for someone with a background in creative writing and journalism. I studied both in college, where I majored in English. I began my career as an assistant editor at the local paper, where I learned to take a hands-on approach to investigative journalism."

4. Have a resume that is specific to the job you are applying for.

As with the cover letter you may want to revise your resume to prioritize your skills and experience to the job you are applying for. If you have a sales and customer service background and you are applying for a job where customer service is the main focus then you'll want to really highlight that aspect of your experience. List customer service related skills first.

5. Make sure your resume is FANTASTIC.

A fantastic resume is never more than one page long. Use action words in your summary: Self-motivated, customer focused, creative problem solver, etc.

Describe your job description rather than just listing tasks. Instead of this:

Wrote schedules
Managed employees
Handled hiring

Use this:

Responsible for all aspects of managing a retail store with an annual volume of $2 million including recruiting, hiring and training personnel while maintaining excellent customer service standards. Achieved a 7% sales increase within the first year. Was awarded the...

This is your chance to really talk yourself up. Include all of your achievements in a concise manner.

6. Follow up.

If you don't hear back after a week, send a short follow up note. One follow up note, no more.

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

I submitted a resume earlier this month for the Web Developer position advertised in the City Times.

I am very interested in working at XYZ Company and I believe my skills, especially my C++ experience at AMR company, would be an ideal match for this position.

If necessary, I would be glad to resend my resume or to provide any further information you might need regarding my candidacy. I can be reached at (555)555-5555 or jsmith[at]foo.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your consideration.



7. Always send a thank you note.

After an interview, always send a thank you note, preferably by mail. You should send your note within 24 hours after your interview. Express your enthusiasm to work for their organization. Reiterate (very briefly) how your skills and experience match what they are looking for. If there was a shining moment in your interview, bring that up.

These tips should help you to stand out from the competition in your search for a work at home job.

Sharon Davis, Work At Home expert, writer and consultant, helps people to achieve their goal of working at home, telecommuting or starting a home business.
Find free work at home jobs posted daily:

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All About Online Data Entry Jobs

Data entry from home is one of the most sought after telecommuting jobs today. Companies typically outsource a variety of these sorts of tasks to dramatically cut down their operational costs. With the promise of a lucrative income opportunity, more people are showing interest in data entry jobs.

Typical Functions of Data-Entry Encoders

Generally, data-entry encoders deal with information processing. They are mainly tasked to take on a variety of tasks and responsibilities that may include any of the following:

Compiling and verifying the accuracy of data before entering it in the database
Re-entering data in verification format to check for errors
Locating and correcting data-entry errors
Setting up reports, mailing labels, letters, as well as other text materials
Inputting numbers, items, and other types of data (i.e. customer information, medical records)
reformatting existing data and editing current information
proofreading new data entries to ascertain accuracy

Most employers look for data entry encoders who have excellent typing skills and relevant experiences. But there are also some that are willing to provide on-the-job trainings for first-time data-entry applicants.

Important Qualities

As a data-entry encoder, you are expected to possess the following qualities:

Strong knowledge in computers and electronics
Clerical and administrative backgrounds
Superb monitoring, verification, and assessment skills
Good written comprehension
Efficient documentation and recording skills
Ability to accurately and precisely process information

Although it mostly entails basic and simple data-entry tasks, some find the job exhausting and challenging. This is probably because of the fact that they have to spend a significant amount of time in front of the computer, thus, there is an increased chance of back straining due to prolonged sitting. However, even though the job can often cause physical fatigue, many still find data entry from home a good way to earn a decent income!

Learn more about data entry work and also about online data entry.

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2 Tips on How to Find Work From Home Job Opportunities

Are you growing tired of the rat race and the exhausting climb of trying to move up the corporate ladder? Are you sick of having to go into an office every single day and fight traffic both to and from the office just to put in hours for people who look at you as a number, rather than a person? If you said 'yes' to any of these questions, it might be time for you to consider working at home.

Work from home job opportunities are all over the place. The key to landing one is to do some in-depth research. It will require some work on your end, but with a little extra effort, you can easily find tons of work at home jobs!

Don't know where to start? Here are 2 tips that can help you find work from home job opportunities:

#1 - Job Boards and Classified Sites

The web is filled with various job boards, as well as classified ad sites that list more non-traditional jobs. By venturing out onto these websites, you'll be able to find a variety of companies that you can work for, all in the privacy and convenience of your own home!

To find job opportunities, try using search terms like "telecommute jobs" and "work from home jobs". Stay away from any business opportunities and only look for jobs with real companies.

#2 - Job Listing Websites

Another option is to get on the internet and find various job listing websites. These are sites that list companies that hire people to work from home. Other sites list actual positions available, rather than just a list of companies who hire.

These types of sites can be found all over the web. One thing you need to look out for are websites that ask for a fee to gain access to listings. This is something that is avoidable altogether. You should never have to pay a fee to get access to a database of jobs.

If you see a fee for anything like this, turn around and look elsewhere. The same info these sites charge for can easily be found for free. Besides, you don't pay to access these listings for traditional jobs, right?

Remember - If you want to find work from home job opportunities, follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to waving goodbye to corporate America and hello to a great job with the ultimate freedom of working at home!

Pay Attention Below

If you're looking for a legitimate work at home job, you need to check out Free At Home Jobs, where you'll get FREE access to an extensive list of companies looking to hire people now. Get started on an actual work at home career today!

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5 Steps to Approaching Your Current Employer About Telecommuting

A question I am often asked by people who would like to telecommute is, "How do I approach my manager or boss about this subject?" Many people fear that if they suggest telecommuting, or even working from home occasionally, that they will be viewed as "less than serious" about their job. Of course, if your company already has a formal telework plan in place it is much easier, but what do you do if they don't? Before you approach your boss or manager there are 2 main things you need to consider:

o Is my job right for telecommuting? If your job involves doing a lot of independent work such as reading, research, number crunching, report or document writing, or phone work then at least a portion of your job can be done outside the office - and might actually benefit from being away from common office interruptions. On the other hand, if your job requires a good deal of face-to-face contact or access to information or systems that are only available in the office, then your job might not be a good fit for telecommuting.

o Would I make a good telecommuter? There are certain traits that help make someone more successful at working outside the office. Successful telecommuters are usually self-starters who do not require much "hands-on" help from mangers or colleagues. They also need to be organized and possess good time management skills. If you don't have all of these skills don't worry, they can be developed over time.

Many companies have heard of the benefits of telework but they still have fears or misconceptions about what is involved. Here are 5 steps you can take to approach this topic professionally.

1. Go in with a plan, not a request. Do your research and be prepared to address any questions, fears, or objections that your manager and/or boss might have. Put together a short proposal including:

a) Why you want to telecommute.

b) From what location you will be telecommuting.

c) Is the space and equipment sufficient?

d) How will they know you are working?

e) How many days a week you will work from a remote location.

(Usually only a day or two a week to start)

f) How often will you be "checking in?"

g) Why do you, in particular, have the skills necessary to work from home?

2. Think like a Manager or Supervisor. Approach this proposal/conversation thinking like a manager. Don't explain how it will benefit you; instead focus on how it will benefit the company and increase your productivity.

3. BE FLEXIBLE! Don't initially propose this as a permanent arrangement. Explain that you'd like to try it for 2-3 months with an evaluation at the beginning, middle, and end of the trial to evaluate your progress.

4. Have measurable goals and objectives. How will they know you're working? If you spend a lot of time preparing reports, figure out how many hours or days they usually take you to complete. If you work in a customer service position, then track how many calls you put out to clients. The bottom line is to find some way to quantify your current level of productivity so your boss or manager will have a basis for comparison.

5. Ease their fears with facts. Find recent statistics and articles about other organizations that have implemented telework programs successfully. It's best if you can find those that pertain specifically to your job description. If you can show that other, similar companies are successfully executing telework, then t the perceived risk is reduced.


An advocate of working virtually? It would be more precise to say that Phil Montero is an evangelist for distributed work. He's been the spearhead of the remote work movement for more than a decade: teaching how to work effectively from a home office, the road, or practically anywhere.

The consultant, writer, speaker, and coach is the founder of http://www.YouCanWorkFromAnywhere.com - a site that assists organizations to leverage mobile work technology and create effective virtual teams.

His blog, http://www.TheAnywhereOffice.com, takes a big picture approach to the philosophies and strategies of navigating today's digital lifestyle while covering topics such as work life balance, virtual teams, mobile work technology, and internet marketing.

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2012年6月23日 星期六

4 Big Mistakes People Make When Applying For Telecommuting Jobs

While it's important to know what to do to help your chances in getting the telecommuting position you want; it's also just as important to know what you should not do. Learning from others mistakes is the best way to do that.

Here are the top 4 mistakes that cost people the telecommuting jobs they apply for:

1. Don't follow directions in a job ad

Some people tend to send off their resume without reading a job ad thoroughly first. A lot of job ads will say things like, "don't send attachments. Place your resume in the body of the email." or something similar. Then what happens if the person applying doesn't read through and see that?

They send an attachment and it ultimately gets deleted and the person is no longer considered for the position since they didn't follow the potential employer's instructions. Those employers are more impressed with someone who can follow directions, because then they could follow directions on the job.

2. Annoy the Prospective Employer

Believe it or not, this actually happens. Its one thing to be anxious; because you haven't heard anything, but it's another to bombard your prospective employer with one or two emails a day inquiring about it.

It's okay to send an email making sure they received the resume a few days after you send it. It's even okay to send an email a couple of weeks later to inquire to see how things are coming along, but it's not okay to send oodles of emails to them on a daily basis. You'll be seen as an annoyance and they probably won't want someone like that working for them.

3. Monopolizing the Interviews with Personal Stories

It's true that most employers want to know a little about you to determine whether you're a fit or not for their company. However, they don't need; nor do they want to know about all your personal problems. Say things like, "I like to travel" instead of "I'm desperate to work from home, because I can't afford daycare anymore."

Stay focused on the questions they ask.

If they want you to share a few things about yourself, then stick to positive things and leave your personal problems to your friends or family.

4. Lying on your resume

You might think that it increases your chances of getting the position, but in most cases, it increases your chances of losing it. Those who have lied on their resumes tend to slip-up in the interviews or get caught by the employer, because they do a little digging.

Be truthful when filling out applications or creating your resume. If you only have 6 months experience developing software programs or whatever; then say so. It's better to be truthful with them, then to get caught in a lie.

These mistakes are easy ways to cost you the job you've worked hard to try to get. Learn from others and avoid making them yourself. The employers will appreciate your professionalism in the application process and you'll be pleased too if they decide to hire you for the job.

Nell Taliercio has been working at home full time since 2004. She's worked as a telecommuter, virtual assistant and affiliate marketer. In 5 years she's discovered many secrets to finding legitimate work at home jobs and securing them. You can find work at home job information and tips at: http://www.justonlinejobs.com

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Be a Telecommuter in No Time

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of work at home jobs are not advertised. On the occasion that a job opening does post, hundreds to thousands of individuals apply to each position.

With millions of people now working from home, at least part time, you would think that finding a job would be quite simple. However, if you were to question the millions of workers who have earned an income from within the home for more than a year, you would find they all say the same thing. There are no shortcuts to finding a legitimate telecommuting position. Nonetheless, if you are patient, enterprising and tenacious, you are ready to telecommute.

Start with the job you have currently. Obviously, if your present position requires you to meet with customers or the general public on a daily basis, it is not feasible to telecommute. Otherwise, you may want to think of a clear plan for telecommuting with which you can approach your boss.

Be ready to calm any concerns or respond to any objections that may arise when you approach you supervisor with your plan. Create an outline that details how you will transfer and submit your work. In addition, lay out a plan for the purchasing of equipment and other necessary supplies you will need to telecommute, be sure to include plans for insuring such equipment as well. Specify how often you will be calling in or coming by the office. Most importantly, be sure to point out how much the company will save by having an employee working offsite.

Another telecommuting option is web design. Several men and women have made significant incomes through their home web design businesses. This option is ideal for those who have the ability, mainly due to the fact that the overhead cost is very low. Try contacting local small businesses that may be considering an expansion online, advertising and highlighting your unique abilities.

If you apply for a job with the feeling that it could someday be a telecommuting job, never say anything about working from home in the interview or even the first couple of months. First, you need to focus on getting in the door and proving your abilities before suggesting you take your position offsite.

Finally, get the word out that you are ready to telecommute. More often than you would think, work at home jobs are filled thanks to word of mouth. In addition, search the Internet for work at home ezines and subscribe to all of the ones without fees. Beware of any site asking you to pay a fee. When you find a posting that suits you and appears legitimate, send in your resume and you will be telecommuting in no time.

Find legitimate work at home jobs at WhyDoWork.com, the Internet's leading community for freelancers and work at home job seekers.

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5 Job Searching Secrets

A man once said, "Everyone hates their job. That's the way it is. That's why they call it work." Wow, what a way to go through life! That attitude may be true for some people, but it certainly doesn't have to.

If you decide that you are passionate about working out of your home, then it can happen. You are only limited by your dreams. More and more people are now telecommuting. Working at home definitely falls under the category of work though. You need to work very hard to find telecommuting jobs. You also need to work very hard to stay gainfully employed.

If you're determined to work at home, follow some of the suggestions below to help you along the telecommuting journey:

1. Determine if you are disciplined to work hard without a boss looking over your shoulder. If you're the type who is easily distracted, unfocused and disorganized then telecommuting may not be for you.

2. Map out a plan to make it happen. Dreams are necessary and wonderful; but they won't go anywhere without a plan. Set goals and objectives how you will meet your goals.

3. Keep away from the scams. There are many genuine jobs that allow you to telecommute. Unfortunately there are also scams out there that sound too good to be true or expect you to pay for a job. Never pay for a job. Also don't apply to any company that is using a free email address such as yahoo.com or hotmail.com. Legitimate companies will not use a free email account.

4. Optimize your time while searching for jobs. Only use narrow keyword phrases. "Work at home" will bring you far too many results to weed through. Try some of these phrases: telecommuting jobs, freelance, 1099 employee, virtual assistant, offsite and remote contractor.

5. Use job search websites. Some websites such as [http://www.telecommutingmoms.com/jobleadwebsites.html] provide consolidated telecommuting jobs conveniently located on one website.

Most importantly, you must have the mindset that an at-home telecommuting job is no different than an outside the home job. This mindset is important because #1 it is true and #2, your attitude will determine your altitude. Follow the simple steps above and be prepared to live your dream.

Sign up for our free 10 day email course for more job searching secrets: http://www.jobsearchsuccesssecrets.com & for more telecommuting information go to: [http://www.telecommutingmoms.com]

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2012年6月22日 星期五

8 Tips to Finding Daily Writing Job Leads

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Advertising Profits From Home As the New Home Online Jobs Market

The high unemployment rate in the United States currently has spurred a higher interest than ever in the home online jobs market. Since traditional jobs are not really available, people are looking for whatever ways possible that they may earn an income from the comfort of their own home.

What most people quickly realize in their search for home online jobs is that making money from home generally means making advertising profits from home. Most home jobs that are not telecommuting jobs are based in internet marketing.

First, for those who don't know, telecommuting jobs are when you are hired by a brick and mortar company for a position, but this position is performed entirely from home. Often this is a sales job or customer service job that can be done completely over the phone and with the computer.

The problem is that companies are not really hiring right now, regardless of whether the position is worked in office or at home. While there was a time earlier that companies were transitioning to more telecommuting positions to deal with the recession, that time has passed. In general, the hiring freeze is across the board. And the vast majority of remaining home online jobs that you can work at home are advertising profits from home based.

Internet marketing manifests itself in many different ways. One of these jobs is posting ads online. Though you must pay for the ad you are posting, you make money if people click on that ad and purchase a product.

Another method is listing products on auction sites. You list a product and get people to bid on that product. When it is purchase, you earn the difference between the price you paid and the price that was paid to you.

Another method is simply to recommend products to people, and if they use your web link to purchase that product, then you receive a commission. This is a very popular form of advertising profits from home.

Unfortunately many people online try to take advantage of people looking for online jobs with scams. The one thing to keep in mind is never to pay for a job. If someone is asking for your credit card number in exchange for a job, it's likely a scam.

The home online job market is a wonderful benefit for those who can't find work, but this job will likely be in sales or advertising of some kind. And while this may not be the type of job you would wish to work long term, it is something to consider while the job market is so weak.

If you would like more info check out additional Advertising Profits From Home Scam and Home Online Jobs Scam reviews.

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Are You Looking For Freelance Jobs?

There may be a variety of reasons why you are searching for a freelance job, but let me tell you, it is one of the bets ways to earn while you stay home. However, seeking the right job and getting a genuine client not only takes good luck but in the end establishes you as a writer, programmer or a web designer. However, the most pertinent question is where do you look?

If you have been looking all over the web or just started on the mission to find yourself a freelance job, the overwhelming posts on search engines might have confused you. To simplify it for you, it is best to know where to start. There are innumerable freelance job boards which give you the option of becoming a free member and either look for freelance jobs or post a freelance job depending upon your requirement.

Some job boards charge a monthly fee while others are free and you can become a member by just registering with your email address. These work at home freelance job boards also post innumerable projects in a variety of fields such as programming, writing, designing, research assistants and data entry jobs.

If you are looking for freelance jobs on a larger scale, other places that have potential freelance jobs are online forums, classified sections, work at home directories amongst other sites.

After you have been able to locate a job that interest you and meets the requirements, all that you need to do is to bid the price that you are willing to do it for, on it on the site. After all the bids have been submitted by the closing date of the project, the employer would notify the chosen candidate and work can commence.

Usually the employer looks for a freelancer with low costs and more experience while some are ready to give a chance to new talent and want fresher to test their skill. However, the best way is to keep filling in bids for maximum chance of landing a job while you are still carving a niche for yourself. With better feedback even at lower price helps you establish yourself in the market and aids you to get better paying jobs later on.

Many countries have their own local job boards but seek talent from all over the world. From the EU job board to the Singapore telecommuting jobs, there is a wide variety of freelance jobs that are not only interesting and can be done from your own living room but are completely legitimate too.

Visit freelance jobs and telecommuting jobs researched and listed by Steven Diep.

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